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All hags are female. They are able to breed with males of most humanoid and monstrous humanoid races, and even some fey. Some degenerate races willingly breed with hags , but in most cases hags must resort to trickery, illusion, or force in.

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Traits. Amphibious: The sea hag monster can breathe air and water as well.. Horrific Appearance: Any kind of humanoid which starts its turn almost within 30 feet of the hag and also it can see the hag's true form should make a DC11 Wisdom saving throw.Of course on a failed save, the creature has been frightened for a minute. Usually, a creature is able to repeat the saving throw at an end of. Posted on September 5, 2020 by [email protected] Adventure Summary: In this level 9 D&D adventure, The Mothers of Rot, a coven of night hags, seek to muscle in on an adult black dragon's territory in Stankswallow Mire. To this end, one of the hags, Auntie Ursula Shadowwalker, disguises herself as an older woman and approaches the characters.

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Hags Revisited, Part 1. Volo's Guide to Monsters includes an extended treatment of hags, and it heavily emphasizes lore: their scheming and manipulation, their names, their personalities, their use of odd mounts and vehicles and keeping of strange "pets," their fondness for weird objects. But it also presents two much more powerful.

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Green hags, called shellycoats when they lived near rivers or swamps, were the most common types of hags, foul crones known for their deceitful ways and corrupting natures. Like dark druids, they were vile beings with a strong connection to natural world, and they preyed upon primal vices in order to sow anguish and drag all down into bestial savagery. Of all the hags, green hags were the.

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