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Tsmc sram datasheet

The second-generation 1T-SRAM-M technology retains data with a standby current of just 10 microamps per megabit or less when fabricated in TSMC's 0.13-micron process, according to MoSys. The 1T-SRAM has demonstrated superior soft-error-rate (SER) reliability than six-transistor SRAM cells, starting at the 0.15-micron process node, said Fu-Chieh.

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Menta eFPGA IP including sureCore SRAM IP can be customized with various amount of LUTs, DSPs and SRAM based on customer requirements; and in the most widely used 40nm ULP and 28nm LP processes, as well as 28nm FDSOI technology. Availability. Menta's eFPGA IP core datasheet and associated software are available now.. DATASHEET synopsys.com Overview ... SRAM SRAM SRAM SRAM AD C DA C DA C AD C Cach e Cach e CPU core Digital logic Cntl ... VBIC 1.2, HiCUM0 & HiCUM2, Mextram, as well as diode, RLC, TSMC Model Interface (TMI) and AgeMOS models Platform Support • Redhat Enterprise V5, SUSE Linux 9 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)..

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2015. 7. 15. · Utilization rates of TSMC 's 20nm and 28nm production lines dropped to 60 and 70 per cent, respectively, in the second quarter of 2015. Utilization of.

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up to 128 KB Flash, 32 KB SRAM, rich analog, math accelerator Datasheet -production data Features Includes ST state-of-the-art patented technology • Core: Arm ® 32-bit Cortex ®-M4 CPU with FPU, Adaptive real-time accelerator (ART Accelerator) allowing 0-wait-state execution from Flash memory, frequency up to 170 MHz.

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