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Only on Au Ra because its what could be tested. Mainly made so others can have an easier time getting it and putting it on their race of choice. Or, any Au Ras that want it, that too. ... (5 Ixion Horns from 'A Horse Outside' FATE in The Lochs) Sleipnir Barding (5 Odin's Mantle from 'Steel Reign' in The Black Shroud zones) Thavnairian Barding.

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The Limbal Ring for a Au Ra can be the equivalent of a tattoo Hyurs. Tail Sliders are muscle sliders are ear sliders and so on. Scale patches are beauty marks and scars and so-forth. Suddenly Au Ra get differential horns but Elezen don't get differential ears, followed by Mi'qote.. "/>.

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Пожаловаться. FF XIV Au Ra Xaela.

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Au Ra. Hrothgar. Viera. Wondering which FF14 race to pick? There are eight different races in Their earthy colouring helps them blend in with their surroundings. Starting stats. At first glance, the Au Ra race resembles the Hyur, but on closer inspection, you'll notice they have horns and scales.

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Getting into FFXIV for the first time? Or, maybe just thinking about using a potion of fantasia? Options breakdown below, if you have any questions, leave a. Jan 07, 2020 · Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te, Dunesfolk Lalafell, Raen Au Ra and all Hrothgar have the highest mind. Note that these differences are quite insignificant, especially at end.

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